Hello lovelies,

Just thought I'd share a few snaps of a country wedding that I waved my vintage wand over. 
This was a beautiful wedding to work on, and was at the bride and grooms amazing home.
The style was clean country. It looked elegant and un fussy, even with miss matched vintage china!
Keeping everything bright is key, and our beautiful cut flowers from our garden did the job in completing a simple country do!

                                                    Have a great week end everyone.

                                                                      Emma x




 Hello lovelies,

A litte personal post today....
It's quite amazing how life and everything in it evolves. And I'm thrilled we now live in a world where there is increasingly less ageism! Your never too old to do anything, especially learn new skills.

I've met lots of new people over the past couple of years... I say met, virtually met... I do consider my blogging buddies and IG chums friends although we've never met in person. I sometimes loath the internet, but it's been great for finding like minded creatives.


I've come accross two types of creative. The flamboyant, loud and bright. And the shy and mindful deep quiet sort. (I started off quiet, now I'm somewhere near the middle lol). But one thing they both have in common is sheer determination! 
We inspire each other and share what inspires us. One word I think we all share is 'Pretty' lol
Some of us love to paint stuff beautiful hues, some of us collect anything that sparkles, for some it's fabric, others it's tins and pretty vintage hoards, for me it's got to be roses!


They feature in most of my pictures and now in my paintings. I studied Interior design last year, and had ideas of starting up a practice. But along the way, and inspired by others and my love of roses I discovered it was the soft designs of interiors that I loved. And so my work and ideas have evolved once again. (I used to get frustrated with myself for flitting.. Now I just go with it! It's part of a creatives process. Don't fight it). 


So I'm back to doing something I've always loved, using what inspires me the most, and encouraged by the most inspiring bunch of creative friends that I feel blessed to have.
My first collection of Tatty Roses© Prints have been launched and there are now a limited number available to buy from my online shop www.emmaconnollyinteriors.com and I'm now working on cards and fabrics. I'm very excited! It just goes to show what learning and flitting about can do.

                                                          Thank you to all you creative lot!

                                                                              Emma x





Not school school silly. I'm talking crafty school.... A place of hopes and dreams bursting with creative energy.
I love learning new skills, and I wanted to have a chat about the best ways to learn the crafts you've always wanted to do, and where it may lead you. So pop the kettle on and we'll have a nice cup of tea.


I've been back to learn some fabulous things, some of which I've used as a career, some as a stepping stone for other things, and others purely for fun. With all this learning I'm now officially called a professional hobbiest. Meaning my career is made up of lots of little bits that I enjoy. 
It's never to late to learn something new! I've enjoyed courses in dress making to sugar craft. Hairdressing to interior design, etc, and I'm still going.

                                  (Another hobby... Vintage styling and photography)

So let me share with you some usefull tips. If your thinking of changing your career entirely good for you! I'd advise anyone thinking of doing this to go on a little taster course. Lots of evening schools and collages are offering these now. They are perfect for dipping your toes to see if it's just right for you.
You never know where this may lead, I've attended many a taster course to discover it was actually the other bit I wanted to do... 

Courses can also be a stepping stone onto the next thing, sometimes you need to start in one place and it can be a journey of many roads before you figure out 'ohhh this is what I want to do'.
I did a years interior design course which was fantastic, but more importantly from this, I realised I didn't want to design people's houses, but the things in them. And that has now taken me onto painting again to design fabrics and papers.. This is what I mean by the stepping stone system.


Let's talk a little bit about learning online. There are many online courses you can do these days, from photography to languages, they are good for those that can't get to the classroom, and can be a very flexible way to learn. Don't be fooled into thinking it will be easy though, as these courses need just as much commitment. I advise you to use the learning platforms so you can chat with tutors and other students, as you will need this support! You can't just lean over and ask if your doing it right.... I did my interior design course this way as I just couldn't get out to do it. It was amazing! I still can't get over how involved it was, and I learnt more than I could imagine from it, and yes it was hard lol.


You may prefer to take little snippet courses at your local evening school. Just check in your local paper, they should be advertising now. Here you will find courses in floristry, pattern making, patch work, knitting.... The list is endless. I did a 6 week sugar craft class and loved it. The classes are often small, the teachers friendly and hugely informative. Plus they are local and usually very reasonable. They are also great for meeting like minded people and making new friends.


And last but by no means least... YouTube and books.
I've learned so much from YouTube it never ceases to amaze me. So many people sharing their knowledge with you, and for free.... Amazing! 
Books too can be a wonderful way to learn as you can keep dipping into them. Both these things require no financial outlay or time commitment. Being self taught is a wonderful thing and many creative people I know learn this way. There is nothing wrong with it, just keep in mind that if you want to make a profession out of it... Let's say photography, then prospective employers will probably want to see some sort of certificate.


         I hope your inspired to learn something new, and maybe enrol on a course.

                                                               Good luck!




Hello lovelies,

Very excited at having a blog make-over! Thought I'd hop over to pinterest to put together a little mood board of colours and ideas I love.


I just love pastels, always have. My fav colour being mint green. I adore gold too as I'm a bit of a magpie! Love vintage cameras and can't get enough of gorgeous blooms in delicate pinks, and pretty chintz. Oh how fab is pinterest?  Great for daily inspiration and putting together pretty mood boards.
Right what project is next... Need to get pinteresting!

                                                            Hope your having a good week.

                                                                           Emma x




Hello lovelies,

It's bright and sunny here again after the storm. Thought I'd share some bright floral pics with you of some of my blooms out of the cottage garden.


I love pastels from the palest of hues to the vibrant. And particularly love this pale pink hydrangea teamed with hot pink roses.


The jug is an old Laura Ashley purchase and the colourful cottons were just 10p each from a charity shop. I love using them to accentuate the colours of my pictures.

                                                     Have a lovely day everyone.

                                                                    Emma x




 If there was just one smell you couldn't live without, what would it be?...
Maybe cut grass, fresh coffee, the smell of a crisp autumn day? 
For me, it's got to be a scented posy. 

This little scented jam jar posy is so easy to make, such a simple idea and a gorgeous gift for a friend.
I actually dotted these around our wedding venue too.


I don't need to tell you how to make it. It's an idea.... It speaks for itself! But I love to fill mine with whatever is in our garden. If you want beautiful scent then why not try growing David Austin Roses. 
The ones in this picture are called Boscobel. You may also like to try Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Stocks and Sweet peas.


I've made this one for my Gran, who is poorly in hospital. And was telling me on the phone how she had missed her garden this year, especially her Gertrude Jekyll rose! My Grandmother is my inspiration!
She taught me to bake, knit, make a home and what the best roses are to have in your flower beds!
I hope the scent of these roses will bring a smile to her face. Get better soon Nan!

                                 Hope everyone has a lovely week end.

                                                                Emma x




 I only need look to a rose to feel inspired! I love to paint them, arrange them, breath in their scent.
From beginning to end, never has anything been so beautiful!

                                                                        Emma x



Hello lovelies,

I came across this mag through one of my blogger/Instagram pals and thought I'd check it out.
I must admit, the £9.99 price tag did make me wince a bit but I kind of figured it was just like buying a nice book!


 A little bit about me... I started 'the vintage good life' blog about three yrs ago, give or take. 
After briefly looking at the platforms available I opted for Blogspot. It's been a flexible platform for me to learn and tweak, and my first blog posts were about anything and everything. I've had a brief flit over to wordpress and back again, and I also have a tumblr account. My style has developed over this time and I feel I would like a bit more from my blog, hence my new mag. 

So has it inspired me?...
One word... WOW! If you're wanting to start a blog, lost your way blogging or just need to understand it better, then go and buy this mag. Now!
I loved the interviews with bloggers and designers, and every page was inspiring. I loved the snippets of workshops, and found the section on 'the perfect host' very useful. 
Ginny Soskey gave a great breakdown of the platforms available, a real need to know!
It covers everything from creating great content, planing your posts, and taking pics, to using and linking other media such as Instagram and Twitter, plus how to make money from your blog.
I think this mag is well worth the investment. It's left me feeling inspired and focused. 
I know exactly my next move, what I want from my blog and I'm comfortable I've found my mojo, and now know how to make the most of it! Watch this space!

Thank you Mollie Makes for producing another fab read! It's been an eye opener!

                                                                      Emma. X


I have an obsession... It's no secret. I love pretty windows and adorable doors!
And I'm obsessed by the colours pink and green. So I was in my element going snap happy around Aldeburgh the other day.


I think Mr C thought I was a little mad taking pics of doors but I think they are simply charming. What do you think? 

    If you like my photos then you can follow me on Instagram with the link at the top right of the blog.
                                                      Enjoy the rest of your week.

                                                                   Emma.  X

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