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A litte personal post today....
It's quite amazing how life and everything in it evolves. And I'm thrilled we now live in a world where there is increasingly less ageism! Your never too old to do anything, especially learn new skills.

I've met lots of new people over the past couple of years... I say met, virtually met... I do consider my blogging buddies and IG chums friends although we've never met in person. I sometimes loath the internet, but it's been great for finding like minded creatives.


I've come accross two types of creative. The flamboyant, loud and bright. And the shy and mindful deep quiet sort. (I started off quiet, now I'm somewhere near the middle lol). But one thing they both have in common is sheer determination! 
We inspire each other and share what inspires us. One word I think we all share is 'Pretty' lol
Some of us love to paint stuff beautiful hues, some of us collect anything that sparkles, for some it's fabric, others it's tins and pretty vintage hoards, for me it's got to be roses!


They feature in most of my pictures and now in my paintings. I studied Interior design last year, and had ideas of starting up a practice. But along the way, and inspired by others and my love of roses I discovered it was the soft designs of interiors that I loved. And so my work and ideas have evolved once again. (I used to get frustrated with myself for flitting.. Now I just go with it! It's part of a creatives process. Don't fight it). 


So I'm back to doing something I've always loved, using what inspires me the most, and encouraged by the most inspiring bunch of creative friends that I feel blessed to have.
My first collection of Tatty Roses© Prints have been launched and there are now a limited number available to buy from my online shop www.emmaconnollyinteriors.com and I'm now working on cards and fabrics. I'm very excited! It just goes to show what learning and flitting about can do.

                                                          Thank you to all you creative lot!

                                                                              Emma x


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