Thought I'd show you all around my favourite salvage yard here in the UK. It's called UK Salvage and it's near Aldeburgh and Woodbridge in Suffolk. (They have a website too).
I've always loved a good yard, even when I was little. I could be found taging along behind my dad and grandad, just marvelling at all the cool stuff!
If your restoring an old property then it has a fabulous amount of fire places, doors, roof tiles and bathrooms. If your looking for something to make, then there are lots of things for imaginative people too!
We came away with a couple of short scaffold boards to use as shelves in our nearly finished bathroom. I'm not going to do anything to them, they are beautiful as is! What I really would of liked is the gypsy wagon!! But Mr C said no 😩 (very sad face). I must admit that I wasn't too disappointed as they actually restore/make gypsy wagons and shepherd huts, plus they are quite reasonable. So when I get that field, I'm having one, or two.... Shhhh our secret.

                                            Hope everyone is having a lovely wkend.

                                                                        Emma x


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