Hello lovelies,
The living room at The Haven has been an ongoing project that I feel will never be done, but its done for the moment if you know what I mean...

Welcome to my creatively cluttered home!
We've very slowly been restoring our victorian house. Its been very messy and chaotic, but I'm loving doing it! And wouldn't dream of ever buying any house that didn't need rescuing.

My Mr and I had great fun bashing out our fire places. We were so excited to see what was behind the plaster... Sadly no pretty fires or stoves were left, although we do come across remains of our once blue enamel stove (that would of been), in the garden. It was very common in the 60s, 70s and 80s to rip out old stoves and cast baths, and they would then be smashed up and filled into the garden as they were just to heavy to take away.

There were seven layers of wallpaper!!! then oil paint to be removed...

I actually did a diploma in Interior design last year to gain a little bit more knowledge of space planning, paints, buying material and lots more useful things. 
It came in very handy when designing this window seat and ordering the lovely +Kate Forman fabric to make all of the blinds.

The paint is Blackened by +Farrow & Ball which changes colour with the seasons. It is a gorgeous chalky pale grey with a hint of blue. Its a soft background for all of our hand me down vintage furniture, and I've warmed it through with touches of pale pink to raspberry red in the soft furnishings and with fresh flowers.
The fire surrounds, skirting and door frames are painted in manor house grey, which gives a really nice contrast.
And the floor is painted in elephants breath, which is soft and puts a touch of warmth into the scheme.

Above all we are a creative family, always on the go and I feel this room reflects family life. its never immaculate (that would take way to much time)! But its comfortable, practical and full of our favourite things!

Hope you've enjoyed a little tour. I'm desperately trying to finish the bathroom now, so I'll show you round that when its finished.

Emma x


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