Sunday ramblings


Hello lovelies,

 I love Sunday's. I think it's my most favourite day of the week. It's were house work has been done (hopefully), and chilling out time really starts. It normally involves at least one house or garden job but that's ok. If the kids are on board then we'll go for a walk and collect chestnuts. I fancy making a cake today too. But let's not rush... For now it's cup of tea time and a good vintage interiors mag and back to bed for a lazy Sunday morning.

                                                             Have a lovely day.
                                                                       Emma x


  1. That sounds like a perfect Sunday! I had plans to make a blackberry crumble but I spent the day being lazy instead. x

    1. Ha, that sounds like a perfect sunday to me! There is always next Sunday to make a crumble.


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