Hello lovelies,
I've always been a bit of a nightmare for having the worst kit possible!
Think heels and muddy fields and your not far off.
The word 'practical' simply did not exist in my vocabulary until children came along, oh and Mr C.
Very slowly... I have got better at being more prepared for the changing of the seasons, especially autumn and winter.

Last year my footwear was still an issue! So I swore that I would sort it this year.
My research took a year, as I trawled the internet comparing prices, makes and reviews.
I bit the bullet last month and bought some +Toggi Canyons. WOW, they are amazing!
It took a good week and two pairs of socks to wear them in. And I'm thrilled!

It may of taken a while to sink in, but having the right clobber makes going out in the rain and traipsing across a muddy field so much fun!

A few years ago, after a much painful debate with myself over cost, I bought a +Barbour wax
I remember my dad in his green one, with his hat, leaning over the engine of his old Landy in the pouring rain. 
I have to say mines not the warmest one out there, but for these autumnal days walking the dog, or going for a ride, its fab! And I can't recommend them highly enough. I know its a jacket I'll have for life!

I now have my dads old hat which I love so much! It reminds me a bit of the sorting hat off Harry potter lol, with its well worn look.
I did have to go chasing it today as a big gust of wind came and took it straight off of me haha.

If you do one thing this autumn, get kitted out and go with it!

Have a fab week.

Emma x


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