I just love Turkish delight! Every Christmas I'd buy all the boxes in the shop, not because I'm a pig lol, but as it seems to be a hard thing to come by these days. So I thought instead of buying up all the boxes, I'd make my own! I'm trialling this recipe for my Xmas gifts. But be warned, as it is not for the faint hearted. And definitely not one to do with the kids, as your dealing with boiling sugar syrup.

You will need: 2 large heavy bottom pans. A jam thermometer. A small bowl of cold water. Sink with cold water up to 3" for cooling pan. Wisk. Wooden spoon and an 18" square tin.

Makes: lots 😊

Ingredients: oil for greasing the tin. 500g granulated sugar. 
                                                     200g icing sugar
                                                       75g corn flour
                                                      1tbsp liquid glucose
                                                      900ml water
                                                        60g clear honey
                                                     1 to 2 tsp of flavouring
                                                      Food colouring
                                                     Extra corn flour and icing sugar for dusting.


Fill the sink with cold water, then grease the tin. Put your two pans on the hob ready to start. And fill a little bowl with cold water.

In one pan, put your sugar, liquid glucose and 150ml of the water. Heat gently at first to dissolve the sugar, then increase the temperature so it boils steadily. Do not stir it. If you have a jam thermometer then pop it in, it needs to get to 116c. If you don't have a thermometer, then drop a spoonful into your little bowl of water, it should roll into a ball.

Whitest your syrup is heating up. In your other pan add your corn flour, icing sugar and 100ml of water and wisk. Then boil the remaining water, add to the rest of your flour/icing sugar mix. Pop the heat on and keep wisking till the temperature is a gentle simmer, and there are no lumps.

When your sugar syrup is up to temperature, turn off the heat and plunge the base of the pan into the cold water in the sink to stop it cooking.

Gradually stir the syrup into your icing mix and simmer rapidly for 30-35 mins. You need to keep stirring with a wooden spoon. Don't let it catch! It will get thicker and thicker. It needs to be very thick before you turn the heat off!

Lastly add the honey, flavour and food colouring, stir well. And pour into the tin. Leave overnight to cool.

Turn out and cut into squares. You will need lots of corn flour and icing sugar to dust with. It's a messy job! Pop into an air tight container with even more icing sugar! Will keep for 2 weeks... Not in my household though...


This is such a fun thing to make. Make sure you have a cup of tea, an empty kitchen and something good on the radio. Oh and yes, your kitchen will look like it's been slimed by a pink slimer!


                                                          Enjoy the weekend 

                                                                   Emma x


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