Hello lovelies, I wanted to do a little post dedicated to what I think is one of the most beautiful, and versatile blooms- The Hydrangea. Once considered old fashioned, this big bloom has made a big come back.



I just adore the ever changing colours and the delicate petals, great pompom heads held up with super strong stems. Happily blooming all the way into November. 


Sometime in September, the children and I pick petals for pressing, these are later used in our Christmas crafts.


I bought these big blooms for drying as the stems were long and the flowers in really good shape. 
At £3.50 ea it worked out cheaper than buying fake! I got these blooms at the beginning of September and they are nearly dry. Usually I just let the water evaporate, but this time I've done it differently and it's given me fuller blooms that are dry but still look alive. Want to know how?.... 

I kept topping up the water! The stem will start to seal over very slowly (it will go black at the bottom). But not starving completely means it very slowly takes what it needs till it has naturally decided enough is enough an it's time I died back. A bit like when it's on the plant, but as it's not open to the elements it stays pretty. Try it and see how you get on.

                                                                 Emma x


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