Well I've done it! I've posted every day through January, whoop go me lol.
I thought I'd end on a fabric post, and share with you a few of my watercolour fabric designs that are going to be available in my store later this spring.
My daughter has decided on the stags with flowers for her new bedroom blinds, and I can't wait to use my midnight roses in my bedroom make-over.

I'm having a few days off now, but I have two big posts coming up that I'm so excited about, I can't wait to show them to you!

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Emma x





        Morning chicken! Meet Bluebell. She hatched last spring in bluebell season, hence her name.

She's been a poorly little chicken, and doesn't like the cold so she's been coming into the conservatory to help me take some photos. She's a bit of a distraction though as she's so cute I keep snapping her instead lol.

                                                                      Emma x



Whilst faffing about through some draws the other day I came across my sequinned head band that I had for my wedding.
I'd nearly forgotten how pretty it is. I think I need to go to a glamorous party this year so I can wear it again. hmmmm glam parties are a bit thin on the ground at the mo.
I know, I'll throw one lol. Summer party Gatsby style, now thats an exciting plan!

Emma x



I told you... I just love them!




Just a little bit in love with these pretty waxy blooms!
The blog may feature a bit of a wax flower overload over the next couple of days lol.


Pure and simple. A pretty jar of dried rose petals. Just sprinkle in the bath. Lovely gift for a dear friend!





 Please forgive the iPad photo, I'm just too excited over this gorgeous Farrow and ball colour that I've just started to paint the bedroom in. Project bedroom started about this time last year, I stripped the paper to reveal some beautiful french looking pink plaster, very boutique, but not easy to live with... So we went Ivory whilst the room was deciding for itself. Well it has spoken! And demanded Arsenic lol.
Will do a full post when all is finished.

                                                     Hope you've all had a fab wkend.

                                                                         Emma x



Hello, earlier this month I wrote a little post on how I learnt photography, and I promised to share a tutorial for complete beginners wanting to take their cameras off auto, so here we go...
I want you to grab your camera and instructions, and I want you to read through this maybe twice, and use it as a guide. Whilst your up put the kettle on!

Stick  with me whilst I have an inspiring moment of rambling, there is a point!

I want you to first think of what you really love about photography: You need to find your style! What kind of photography do you love? For example I'm all about the background blur lol.
Second: is your subject, what do you love, and how do you want to capture it? When learning photography you need to be inspired to take the photograph, and this will only truly happen when you really love something, I.e flowers.
And third is light, photography is all about light. Without light you have nothing!
I want you to notice the quality of the light at different times of the day, is it cool? (a watery sun, either very early or late with blue tones), or is it warm? (late morning - early evening), Is it a hard light? (middle of the day strong sun). Understanding when best to take your photos is key. I prefer mid morning or a little before sunset when the light is at its most pure.

So this is your first task: style, subject and light.

Now we are going to get our heads around our cameras.
There are three things your camera has for capturing your light, and you would of heard people banging on about them: ISO, Aperture and Shutter, I'm going to try and explain it simply, here we go...

Firstly have a good look at your camera, models vary with where you find these three important things, and I'm afraid I can't help you find them. Your instructions should show where to find your ISO on your camera, and so on.

ISO - Think of this as your dimmer switch! It's going to be the first thing you set on your camera the moment you take it off auto. Find it on yours, it's about to become your best friend.
It controls the amount of light hitting the sensor. The brighter the natural day light = the lower the setting i.e 100 to 200. If there is less available light then you turn up your dimmer: overcast day = 400, and very dim light needs the dimmer turning right up to 800 to let as much light in as poss.
Just be careful as too much light coming in also means a lot of noise, noise gives an unwanted grainy effect to photos.
Ok so we have our dimmer... 100 to 800 = dark to light (models will vary, and can have more numbers in your ISO range).

APERTURE - F NUMBER - DEPTH OF FIELD: Your aperture is determined by your lens. The setting can be on your camera, or in some cases your lens. It is measured in F numbers, and is responsible for capturing the depth of field: the clarity of your frame and background blur.
I'm just going to call it F numbers! The tricky thing is remembering the scale. A wide aperture: when the lens is fully open is achieved by selecting a low f number i.e. 2, this is also a shallow depth of field, meaning that it will blur out the background and keep the subject sharp. This is great for capturing blooms and creating a dreamy look. If you want to capture more detail raise your f number to 5 or 8, for landscapes you may want to try a higher number.
learn that the smaller f number = the wider the lens is open. Remember, wider lens = more light.
 I want you to think of your own eye in comparison to your lens, and how they work in the same way.
We'll talk more about lenses in another post.

SHUTTER SPEED - This is measured by fractions of seconds i.e 1/60 1/280 or your camera may just show 60 or 280. The speed setting determines how long the shutter is left open for the light to hit the sensor. A low speed of say 1/30 will let in a lot of light, and you can hear the shutter really working slowly. A faster setting say 1/280 will snap faster and not let as much light in.
 There are a few things to consider when selecting your shutter speed. Firstly is if your subject is moving, and do you want to capture this movement or not. Say a flower is blowing slightly in the breeze, if my shutter is too slow (say 1/30 as example) I would get a bit of unwanted blur, the camera has had time to catch the movement with the shutter being open for too long. Now if I increase the shutter speed to say 1/90 it acts faster, its still slow enough to give me a good light, but it freezes the frame I want.
Maybe your photographing sport, cyclists for example, and you wish to capture some movement to make your pictures flow, this is when a slower speed can give great effects. Just practice, see what works for you.
So remember slow speeds are smaller numbers, the slower the shutter = more light = movement and noise, the faster = more detail. 

10, 15, 25 and on 60, 280. 500 and on
When shooting at a low speed it is advisable to use a tripod, as your camera would pick up your movement of trying to hold it.

Ok, are you ready to play? You will need your camera, a subject that interests you i.e flowers, books, china... And you need to set these up in the lightest place possible, go outdoors if you have to. We're going off auto!

Firstly lets set our cameras to ISO 200, then we are going to find manual mode, find your aperture - F numbers, set this to 5. Now we are going to select our shutter speed, set to 1/125
Ok, so you've chosen settings in manual mode, this is all you need from now on, so we're going to play with these settings by adjusting them slightly, and learning through doing.

I want you to take some pics in this setting just a couple, have a look at them, make a note of your settings so when you look at them on your laptop you know what you used (just in case your laptop doesn't display this info, although most do).

Now I want you to adjust your shutter only to 1/60, take a couple more shots, see the difference? you've slowed down your shutter speed and let more light in. Play with your shutter speed leaving all other settings the same, adjust it up and down whilst snapping, and notice the differences in your pics.

Ok, so we've played with that, now set it back to 1/125 and leave it at that as we play with the F numbers now. I want you to set your F number as low a number as possible (say 2, whatever the lowest you have, set it to). Snap! Notice how your background is all blurry and a lot of your shot will be out of focus, now I want you to do as you did before, play with just your F numbers, slowly increasing them whilst snapping, and noticing the detail in each frame. Ok put this back to 5 when your done.

Now remember I said your ISO was your dimmer? Set this now to 400 (whilst leaving everything else the same) and snap! increase again to 600 then 800. Wow, lighting moment!

So now I want you to set you ISO to suit the available light that you have right now, maybe 200 was just right, maybe you feel it needs to be brighter, so turn your dimmer up a notch.
Now go and play with your f number and shutter speed combos. Remember that on both of these, the lower the number the more light, and the lower your F numbers the more background blur.

I'd love to hear how you get on.
Hope you have a snap happy weekend.

Emma x




A little bit of sparkle on a Friday morning.




I'm dreaming of spring days when its warm and sunny, and I can pop on my little french hat,
Get out in the garden, and pick some sweet smelling blooms.

Emma x




The Winter Aconite keeps me going through the cold, dark days. We should soon be seeing our Snowdrops, but I fear the children may have accidentally dug them up... I think I'll have to get some more: you can never have too many flowers!

Emma x



A photo a day.


 Mr C was busy finishing the greenhouse at the weekend so I thought I'd go out and help. Anyhoo, I got a bit distracted and started taking pics of our chickens and garden. I thought I'd share a pic of Mabel with you all. She'll soon be disappearing as the wall on witch she hangs gets covered in wisteria, so you may just catch a peak of her. I love the way a bit of golden sunlight is passing down the side of her face, and I love adding little statues or figure heads to the garden. Pop them in an overgrown place to look like they have stood there for years. There's something very secret garden about them. I know I keep saying it, but I really am sooo excited for the coming of spring!

                                                                        Emma x




  Hello, meet Cleo. I know I shouldn't have a favourite, but it is her. We got our four little chicks three Christmases ago, one for each of us. Mr C named Bwian the cockerel, (Bwian is the only other man in our family, poor Mr C is surrounded by girls). And Cleo was mine, named after Cleopatra because she had what looked like eyeliner on :) this has gone now, but she is still my little bundle of feathers.
I just love watching them prance around the garden, so entertaining and therapeutic!

                                                                      Emma x


A PHOTO A DAY, winter flowers.

My first winter blooms in the garden :o)



A PHOTO A DAY. Pottering in the garden.


          Hello everyone, the sun is out and I have a very happy little flock! Think I may go out for a potter in the garden and join them to see what little signs of spring I can find. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

                                                                        Emma x




                                                Some simplicity on a Friday morning.


A PHOTO A DAY. Rustic vintage.


                  Love a bit of rustic vintage!



Hello everyone,

Welcome to my styling the seasons January post for Charlotte of Lotts and Lots, and Katy of Apartment Apothecary. 

I had a lovely time styling this one! pondering over a cup of tea and some beautiful books.
January is a time for getting rid of my dried blooms from last summer, and bringing in fresh flowers and spring bulbs. Its everything new, clean and fresh! 

I'm starting to think about the cutting patch. I've started buying new seeds ready to plant in the following months, and I'm getting soooo excited.

I love these little cards, the cockerel one reminds me of our little bantam Bwian, and the vintage flower one was a lucky find as it was in an old trunk I bought a few years ago.

I spent a lovely afternoon finally styling my little shelves in the conservatory.
It is so cheery now, and marks the anticipation of spring.

Styling The Seasons is a monthly post, and is as it suggests about styling an area of your home with what the season means to you. It is hosted by Charlotte and Katy (links above), and is such a fun thing to do.

I hope you have enjoyed my Januarys #stylingtheseasons

Book credits: The Cut Flower Patch by Louise Curley
Gifts From The Garden by Debora Robertson

Emma x



A PHOTO A DAY. Raindrops

Im nearly half way through my photo a day challenge that I set myself for January. 
Im getting used to posting everyday (although I'm not sure I could do it every day of every month).
What I really love about it, is it's making me use my camera more for pleasure.
Often I leave the very heavy, very large dslr in the bag and snap with my tablet or phone for convenience, but there really is no comparison, my big baby wins hands down!

Hope January is being kind to you all!

Emma x



Have a lovely day.





        Hello everyone,

  How's the new year treating you? Made any resolutions? Broken them already? Lol, no! Well you are good.
 I never make any as I always feel that if you want to change something then there is no time like the present. Instead I prefer to do a yearly bucket list, it's more fun! I love spending the first week of January thinking of all the things I want to see and do, or goals I want to achieve. 

Here are my 15 for 2015: 1 take a course for fun. 2 visit at least three gardens. 3 fill our allotment to the brim. 4 picnic in a field of wild flowers. 5 rent a cottage on the Norfolk broads. 6 launch my own fabric collection. 7 go fishing. 8 visit some castles. 9 go to a point to point. 10 go to my favourite vintage fair in Southwold. 11 build a pizza oven in the garden. 12 go to an open air evening show. 13 make a dress. 14 re-design the garden. 15 have an evening hack with my daughters.

Phew... None of that sounds like a chore... I best get started.

                                                                       Emma x


A PHOTO A DAY. Ranunculus


  Hello flower,

I filled my home with fresh spring blooms over the weekend, and it smells divine. So I just thought I'd share some pics of them this week for my photo a day challenge. I'm kicking off with these beautiful ranunculus, hope you like them.

                                                                      Emma x




So I had the most exciting post today ever!
And I'm pleased to give you all the first peak of some of the fabric designs I have been working on all last year.

I can't begin to tell you how chuffed I am, after lots of trial and error to have done it at last.
Thank you so much for all your wonderful support and kind words of encouragement.
To see my paintings in cotton, well I'm almost speechless, almost...

There is still a long way to go though. I'm working on two more designs, and there are still bits I want to tweak.

I wanted to create this fabric not just to show off my work, but also with a desire to make something from scratch. My next cushion cover will be completely mine! 

As I said there is still a while to go, but I intend to sell my fabrics through my online store, I will keep you all posted when this will be.

Happy Friday!

Emma x

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