Hello everyone,

  How's the new year treating you? Made any resolutions? Broken them already? Lol, no! Well you are good.
 I never make any as I always feel that if you want to change something then there is no time like the present. Instead I prefer to do a yearly bucket list, it's more fun! I love spending the first week of January thinking of all the things I want to see and do, or goals I want to achieve. 

Here are my 15 for 2015: 1 take a course for fun. 2 visit at least three gardens. 3 fill our allotment to the brim. 4 picnic in a field of wild flowers. 5 rent a cottage on the Norfolk broads. 6 launch my own fabric collection. 7 go fishing. 8 visit some castles. 9 go to a point to point. 10 go to my favourite vintage fair in Southwold. 11 build a pizza oven in the garden. 12 go to an open air evening show. 13 make a dress. 14 re-design the garden. 15 have an evening hack with my daughters.

Phew... None of that sounds like a chore... I best get started.

                                                                       Emma x


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