A PHOTO A DAY CHALLENGE. And a Monday ramble.

                                                            A photo a day challenge.

 Hello, I have a little bit of the Monday morning blues this morning, which I never normally experience as I always have a Monday off. However I think the task of packing p.e kits and school bags, and just the thought of getting back into a routine is making me slightly grumpy. I know I'll get over it, lol.

 I don't make New Years resolutions as such, but every year I do a yearly bucket list of all the things I would like to of achieved, and all the sights and adventures I'd like to see and do. I haven't quite finished it yet, so I'm going to sit down this afternoon with a pot of tea and jot my list in some new Christmas stationary:) I'll share it with you this week.

 I'm also loving the photo a day challenge. I'm a week in and am getting to grips with snapping things a little different to what I would normally. It is opening my eyes to discovering beauty else where and capturing it in a raw form. 

 Anyway, I hope today ends up being a good day for all of you. Soon be spring!

                                                                   Emma x

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