So I had the most exciting post today ever!
And I'm pleased to give you all the first peak of some of the fabric designs I have been working on all last year.

I can't begin to tell you how chuffed I am, after lots of trial and error to have done it at last.
Thank you so much for all your wonderful support and kind words of encouragement.
To see my paintings in cotton, well I'm almost speechless, almost...

There is still a long way to go though. I'm working on two more designs, and there are still bits I want to tweak.

I wanted to create this fabric not just to show off my work, but also with a desire to make something from scratch. My next cushion cover will be completely mine! 

As I said there is still a while to go, but I intend to sell my fabrics through my online store, I will keep you all posted when this will be.

Happy Friday!

Emma x



  1. Congratulations Emma!... I have been following you on Instagram, and now I have found your blog and signed on to follow you here too... I love everything you post, and your photos are so very dreamy... xoxo... Julie Marie from "Across the Pond"...

    1. Aw thank you so much Julie, and welcome to my little blog. Your kind words mean a lot x

  2. Congrats! Your fabric is beautiful! You deserve to feel so proud of yourself x


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