Hello everyone, 
 Just sharing some of my crafty pics. I love making these little fabric roses! I've been so busy preparing new stock for my store, but when I get a spare moment I'll pop a tutorial on the blog.

It's been nearly a year ago that I started Emma Connolly Interiors, and I have to say I'm enjoying every minute of it! I'm still not ready to give up my day job though, although that is what I'm striving to do in a few years time. I've always had my own business so that isn't the scary part, I've run my vintage hair salon for over eleven years now. It's the change of direction that I'm really trying to get my head around! It's an industry I've been in for well over twenty years, I've worked in top salons, and became a lecturer, teaching my profession in colleges. You could say I quite literally have the styling bug, no matter what I touch it's an instinct to style it pretty, be it hair and make-up, flowers, weddings..... The list goes on.

It's just a case of building up confidence, and lots of research. I know how to do it, but that doesn't make it any less scary! And I know that now is the time to do it. I'd love to know if any of you have gone through a career change at all, and how you got on, are you glad?

For now I'm up to my eyes in fabric and cushions, trying to get everything ready for spring, and am chuffed to bits with my fabric collection. It's going to be an exciting year! Thank you for sharing it with me.


                                                                Emma x



  1. Everything just looks beautiful Emma!... I am seeing so many things I love, and hoping maybe you will be able to ship to the U.S.... xoxo... Julie Marie

    1. Haha thank you Julie, yes I will have to ship to the U.S xx


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