It's no secret that I don't do minimalism, I come from a family of collectors, ok hoarders lol
I do like my clutter pretty and organised nicely, except when I'm working, then I thrive on surrounding myself with as much inspirational clutter as possible, it's where my creativity comes from.

Most of my brushes belonged to my granddad, they mean so much to me! He taught me how to paint, and was the most wonderful man I have ever known. 
Even when I'm not painting, my brushes are always out, it makes me happy to see them, and this is how I feel a home should be, filled with things you love, and always on display! 

Flowers are vital! There are always flowers in my home. 
 And I feel so much better in the winter if I've got signs of seasonal life around me, even if its just some wild Ivy.

I offer product photography for crafters from April to September.
The conservatory ends up full of blooms and vintage props, its just a mass of pretty clutter, theres barely space to eat breakfast. I'm lucky Mr C is so understanding!

Some people have clear spaces and clear minds, but I like my mind the way I like my home: full of happy thoughts!

Emma x



  1. Oh how lovely Emma!... I am like you, I love my "clutter"... our home is like yours, filled with all of the beautiful things we love. I too am from a family of collectors, and most of my treasures are family heirlooms... love seeing your granddad's brushes, so precious and so full of happy memories for you I am sure... these are the things that really matter in life... I call mine organized clutter too, as although I have alot out, it is neat and tidy (most of the time!)... I started painting with watercolors last Summer and love seeing my brushes out as well... and there are always happy thoughts of beautiful things dancing about in my mind... wishing you a blissful day, xoxo... Julie Marie

    1. Ah thank you Julie, oh I'd love to see some of your paintings some day. I'm glad I'm not the only one that collects pretty clutter xx


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