Hello lovelies,

I just love to wake up to bird song in the morning, the sign that spring has sprung and life is blooming, especially so in our cottage garden at 'The Haven'.

This year we wanted to attract even more wildlife into the garden, so we set about putting up a pretty  nesting box from Laura Ashley and learning how to make fat-balls all to encourage Blue tits to come and live.

Now at the time we were just desperate to see if we could get a couple to move in, and lucky for us they have! 


Their home sits nestled amongs the wisteria and I just love to watch them flying in and out in the mornings whilst I'm sitting in the garden room having breakfast.

Now not only do they look lovely flying around the garden, but they are proving themselves most usefull too! Yes they peck at the food we put out for them, but they are also busy eating all manner of garden pests, it's great to see nature doing its job well!

It's also inspired me to find other natural ways in which to garden. 

                                                         Hope you are having a good week!

Emma x


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