Tips for a bee friendly garden.

Planting flowers in your garden is a great way of attracting bees and other wild life. The cottage garden at 'The Haven' is always buzzing with bees from now until the next winter frosts.
How do we attract them? By planting 'Bee Friendly' of course. Read on to discover my top tips for attracting bees.



Bees need to be able to get into the flower for a start, so be mindful of which varieties to choose. 
The more frilly the flower, the more difficult it makes for bees trying to find their way in.
My top flowers for bees are - Hollyhocks, Wisteria, Foxgloves (I do love to hear them buzzing happily in a foxglove), Honeysuckle. And they go mad for Lavender!

If you've only a small space, try planting Lavender in pots or window boxes, that will surely bring them in!


Have a lovely Sunday everyone.

 Emma x


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