I simply adore vintage linens! And can spend quite literally hours rifling through them at the trade fairs.
My husband knows there is no use talking to me or even waiting for me when I come across a linen stall.

In France they are so crisp and neat, beautiful! In England it's a rummage of softness with the odd crinoline lady in all her embroidered glory.

I do end up keeping a lot of my finds and reusing them in my creative makes, I take inspiration from the faded chintz of a vintage piece and recreate them in my soft watercolours.


My latest finds- a pretty pair of vintage Laura Ashley pillow cases, and a pair of time worn and faded toile de Jouy lavender curtains, both available from my store Emma Connolly Couture (shop link on page).

Old cotton has the most amazing smell! It reminds me of my nans airing cupboard, piled heigh with gorgeous softness in all shades of pastel.

When I've completed a watercolor that I've painted for a fabric design I have it printed on at least three cottons and one linen to see what looks best, I nearly always prefer the heavy cotton drill, it reminds me the most of soft vintage fabric..... dreamy!

                                                              Emma x



Rachel Ashwell, The world of shabby chic book review.


The world of shabby chic by Rachel Ashwell was the book I'd been patiently waiting for for what seemed like forever.... Having devoured all her others and with an uncontrollable thirst for patina and beautiful imperfections I did not put my copy down for quite some time.

What I loved about it.... Well it is brimming with gorgeousness on every page but for me it was more than just pictures.

Rachel's soul poured from this book as the journey from the little English girl who traveled with her parents and found an ingrained passion from her heart for the love of shabby chic.

The book tells an inspirational story of Rachel's life, growing up, having children, having a dream and never ever quitting. 

For me, it gives hope, hope that a single mother can dream big enough and pretty enough, and if.... you are prepared to work heart and soul, anything is possible.

The styling is homegrown authenticity, in fact I can't call it styling, that would be an insult, it's natural home making, throwing caution to the wind, discovering identities, and realising it's ok to be different,
It's Shabby Chic!

If you love pastels, old stuff and lots of white, and you're ready for a journey into the heart of all that is truly beautiful and unique, then this book will not disappoint. 

No coffee table should be seen without a copy!

                                                           Emma x


                                                              FADED ROSES.

There is no bloom more beautiful from bud to fallen petals than the rose.

My favourite roses are the pale pink and cream ones that have a hint of green to them. They look utterly gorgeous against the pale blue/grey of my walls.


I love to rearrange them throughout their faded beauty starting with a gorgeous vintage vase for maximum wow factor, and then when they start to fade I like to snip them short and display them in different bud vases and old bottles.


Lastly when their romantic heads start to flop I snip them off from the stem and strew them across tables and mantle pieces, or gather them onto a cake stand so I can continue to enjoy the faded beauty of them.


When they are dried out I like to thread them together with needle and cotton to make a pretty garland.


                                                    Have a happy Friday everyone.

                                                                        Emma x






Styling with flowers in the summer months is always such a treat!
So I thought I would celebrate the end of peony season by embracing these gorgeous huge blooms that are cheering up my living room on this very wet July day.

I had planned on styling outdoors again (maybe I will when it brightens up). 
But, I've just painted an old vintage chest which I've been meaning to do for ages and I love it!
It is the perfect spot for a jug of beautiful peonies!
I wanted to keep it simple and the little tea light adds a romantic touch.

A couple of my favourite books and up-cycled painted lamp completes the soft look.

Emma x

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