Choosing a name for your blog

Choosing the right name for your blog

Sorry, no pictures in this post.
I want to talk about choosing the right name and when to let go.

For quite a while now I've been thinking of changing my blogs name. People tell me I'm crazy as I have built up a good reputation with 'The vintage good life' and why change something that works...

Whilst the above is true, and my name has been part of my soul for the few years I've been blogging, I now feel it no longer reflects my actual blog, and the direction I want to take my blog in.

I've been considering my posts, my hobbies, what I'm really passionate about and what makes me tick.

A really helpful resource has been the bookazine that +Mollie Makes  produced on Blogging. I've read it that many times it's starting to fall apart. It's insightful and inspiring.

When I chose 'The vintage good life' way back, it did reflect my personality, it still does, but I didn't consider its longevity... Giving the blog/my brand room to grow.

I have some tips for getting it right (now i've learnt the long way round), I hope you find them helpful.

*Think of what you are really passionate about (this is probably what you will blog about).
*Break that down into fragments- (examp Photography: styling, whimsical, light, modern, bright)
*Try writing down some words that reflect these things on pieces of paper and play around with them.
*Think of branding, will your name evolve with you? will it always describe what your blog (you) are about.
*Sleep on it for a while, does it still sound as good a week later, maybe you can elaborate on it more.
*finally check your name is available. Don't worry if it isn't, this just means you go back to the drawing board and have a play on names a bit longer.

I have chosen a name, it's sitting there waiting to see if I'll use it or not.

I'd love to know your thoughts and opinions on this subject. Has anyone changed theirs, or thinking of doing so? Is anyone sitting there agonising over choosing the right one? Let me know.

 Emma x



  1. Well, I definitely think you have a good brand which is memorable. Or where you think your direction is changing to?... Also, I don't know what you are thinking of changing it to, so its kind of tricky to comment.
    I also have a similar dilemma about whether my name for my brand is a bit boring; and not very aspirational.... Shall we swop ideas? x

    1. I love your name Katie, it's funny isn't it how we think about changing them, and so difficult, especially when people like it lol. I still love my name but I do wonder if having 'vintage' in the title is putting it into a stereotype category. What are you thinking about with yours? X


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