5 things I love doing in September


September has to be one of the most giving of all of the months. I love how the summer fades into autumn! There are so many things to enjoy doing in September, here are my five absolute faves:

*Hazy morning walks over the fields and woods, picking lots of blackberries and other hedgerow delights.

*Collecting summer garden seeds from my favourite plants such as sweet peas, cornflowers and poppies. It's a free way to a blooming lovely garden next year!

*Drying and pressing flowers, Hydrangeas are my absolute favourite to dry!

*Making jam's and jelly's! I love making jelly's so much, it's so therapeutic and a great way of preserving a glut of fruit. We nearly always have too many plums to eat, so I make lots of things with them.

*Spending a lazy afternoon in the garden, if it's chilly I put on my big snuggly jumper, make a cup of tea, and sit and peruse the spring bulb catalogue, and change my mind umpteen times over.

What do you love about September? And what do you like doing?

                                                           Emma x

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