Flower pressing

Hello everyone,

It's that time of year again when my trusty flower press comes out!

I love doing this craft with my girls, we collect things from the garden like violas, Leaves, And my favourite hydrangea petals.

Now to leave it alone (no peaking) whilst it works it magic!

Emma X 



Embroidery treasure.

                                                               Vintage treasure!

 Hello lovelies, I was out last weekend at my favourite salvage place to see what pretty hoard I could take home to re-love. Now normally this comes in the form of vintage furniture that I then do up for my store, however this week my heart went out to something else.
I love rummaging in the boxes by the skip, shhh don't tell anyone, and I was amazed and slightly upset at what I found.... An only just started vintage table cloth with its hoop.


How could something so beautiful that someone had spent time on doing and never finished, end up in the bin?
I do get sentimental over my treasure barn as it is a house clearance barn, and the sad thing is, the house clearance guy is always busy from October to March. 
Anyway I decided to buy this little set (along with some candles) and finish this pretty table cloth in honour of the lady I never met, and I will use it in my home! 
Now all you gotta do is wish me luck as I've never embroidered before, but hey, I guess winter is the best time to learn!

  Enjoy the rest of the week everyone.

    Emma x


Creative learning



As the nights get longer and darker, I take to my drafty old house, lighting all the fires and turning the rather pointless central heating on full blast, (the price I will continue to pay for having original sashes).

The knitting comes out, as do the paints. The children cut up endless cardboard boxes and get through about a ton of glitter, and Mr C will create new scrumptious seasonal recipes. 
It's fair to say we are a creative family.

There are a few things I'm thankful for, living in this day and age- The washing machine, my Hoover, the nhs and education, and not just the maths kind (although I realise that's important, except algebra... I still stand by the unimportance of that one).

What I really appreciate is the creative learning that's out there for kids and adults! 
I'm thrilled that at any age it's now perfectly normal to back to school, college, uni! And I'm over the moon with my daughters new high school! I wanted to roll back the clock and actually go back, the creative department rocks!

They have their own racing car that they've built plus they race it, the media department has all those 3D printers, the dance and drama studios were awesome, and in textiles they were making wedding dresses! I could go on but this post is getting long so I'll stop there.

It's great that schools are finally realising that not all children are academic, many are creative, and they now seem to realise the importance of nurturing that quality, and keeping up with the pace of new careers, and not just pigeon holing into office, accounting, mechanic and hairdresser!

As for me as an adult (and I use that term loosely). Well I'm enrolled on a silver clay jewellery course, chocolate tempering and truffle making, and willow wreath making, all before Christmas. It's going to be a busy winter!

Have a wonderfully creative week!

Emma x


Big blooms!

Heavenly Hydrangeas

Hello, I simply had to share these amazing hydrangea blooms with you all.
I caved at the local +Frosts Garden Centres  and gave in to these.
They are so cheery to have in the house, especially as we're coming into winter.
I'm missing my garden blooms already.
I just have a few dahlias left blooming, and I know I'm going to have to dig them up soon :(

For now I'll just adore having these!

Emma x



Bathroom make-over

Bathroom make-over.


So i've very nearly finished my bathroom.
It's taken about a year to get this far, and I love it!
Gone is the mushy pea green bath tub and lime green walls.
It's now a perfect girly retreat!

My dad made my washstand last year out of a victorian bowl and a side table that I picked up from my local house clearance man. It's the star of the bathroom! Totally unique which I love.
I adore chintz, and have had my wellbeck tiles ages, I finally got round to putting them round the bath, now I'm just trying to work out if I want them behind the sink or not.
Watch this space as I may have some to sell if they don't go up.
And last but by no means least, my perfect accessory, my little toilet roll dolly lol I know she is a bit tacky but she used to belong to my gran, and when we were clearing her house I just couldn't throw her away, I love her!

Both my little shelves came from the same furniture guy and i've had them both years.
I love painted furniture, Mr C is slowly coming round to it all, just a few more pieces of dark wood left.

I'm trying to get better at publishing my home pics, and not leaving them sitting on my camera lol.
I hope you like them.

Emma x



Edible flower naked cakes.

Edible flower naked cakes.


Hello everyone,

I was trying to decide how best to decorate this naked cake that I made at the wk-end.
It looked rather simple just sitting there with nothing on, (I know it's naked and kind of the point, but I do love pretty things!).
So, I was doing a spot of gardening and noticed how pretty my little violas and pansies were, plus they are edible! Naturally a plan hatched, and they ended up on the cake.

I think it looks lovely!
I've often used edible flowers in my bakes, but I'm actually thinking of using them as my signature on my naked cakes.

I've since found a lovely supplier who farms organic flowers for eating.
I'm going to crystallise some too!
I will be making my naked cakes now for special occasions and weddings.
Please tell all your friends, and hop over to my website at Whimsical Sugar Cakes 

Emma x

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