Edible flower naked cakes.

Edible flower naked cakes.


Hello everyone,

I was trying to decide how best to decorate this naked cake that I made at the wk-end.
It looked rather simple just sitting there with nothing on, (I know it's naked and kind of the point, but I do love pretty things!).
So, I was doing a spot of gardening and noticed how pretty my little violas and pansies were, plus they are edible! Naturally a plan hatched, and they ended up on the cake.

I think it looks lovely!
I've often used edible flowers in my bakes, but I'm actually thinking of using them as my signature on my naked cakes.

I've since found a lovely supplier who farms organic flowers for eating.
I'm going to crystallise some too!
I will be making my naked cakes now for special occasions and weddings.
Please tell all your friends, and hop over to my website at Whimsical Sugar Cakes 

Emma x


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