Embroidery treasure.

                                                               Vintage treasure!

 Hello lovelies, I was out last weekend at my favourite salvage place to see what pretty hoard I could take home to re-love. Now normally this comes in the form of vintage furniture that I then do up for my store, however this week my heart went out to something else.
I love rummaging in the boxes by the skip, shhh don't tell anyone, and I was amazed and slightly upset at what I found.... An only just started vintage table cloth with its hoop.


How could something so beautiful that someone had spent time on doing and never finished, end up in the bin?
I do get sentimental over my treasure barn as it is a house clearance barn, and the sad thing is, the house clearance guy is always busy from October to March. 
Anyway I decided to buy this little set (along with some candles) and finish this pretty table cloth in honour of the lady I never met, and I will use it in my home! 
Now all you gotta do is wish me luck as I've never embroidered before, but hey, I guess winter is the best time to learn!

  Enjoy the rest of the week everyone.

    Emma x

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