Styling the seasons make light.

Hello everyone, 

My it's been a manic couple of months. I'm loving finally slowing down, it actually feels like I'm in tune with the seasons for once.

I've missed the last two styling the seasons posts, but there was no way I was missing this one!
I love flat lay photography! This month the lovely duo that host sts- Katy of Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte of Lotts and lots have teamed up with the uber talented +Emily Quinton of Makelight, and set this months challenge for #STSxMakelight with an amazing prize to win a place on Emily's workshop.... How exciting!!!

This month saw me venture into the garden to forage for seasonal delights. My hydrangeas are the most amazing colour at the moment! One of my favourite flowers! I even love them when they go beyond dry and you end up with a delicate skeleton, so textural.
I also re-found this rather weathered shell in the flower bed, originally a Suffolk find.


I just love the mix of cool colours and the form of the olive branch.


I think flat lay photography is a beautiful way to explore textures and really study your subject in great detail.


A huge thank you to Katy and Charlotte for hosting this lovely community each month in which everyone is welcome to take part. 


Emma x


Festive fairy lights.



It's the end of November and I'm getting in the festive mood. The fairy lights are going up, the fires are constantly lit and I'm thinking about Christmas decorations.


I can't stand winter, the dark long days, freezing fog and that damp.... Brrrrrr.
But, it is perfect for getting the fairy lights out and making the home really cosy, so I thought I'd just share a few home pics with you all, get you in the festive spirit too.


Keep warm everyone, and have a lovely week.

Emma x



Saturday snap shots.

Winter is coming.....



It's turned cold and we're caught in the moment where Autumn gives way to winter. I don't know about you, but I'm starting to feel very festive.
Some fairy lights went up yesterday and I'm starting to plan the decorations for Christmas. I'm making spiced scented soy candles to dot around our home, and there will be lots of foraging for pine cones and ivy. It truly is a magical time.
Stay warm everyone, look after yourselves and others.

  Emma x



Fabric scrap snaps




I just love fabric! 
It's all over the house, covering the table, thrown over the sofa, stacked heigh in the garden room, and spilling out of my studio!

Here are some of my favourites!

                                Ian Mankin
                 +Kate Forman 

               Top left clockwise Ian Mankin, Kate Forman, +Cabbages & Roses Ltd  and +Annie Sloan Interiors 

 Have a lovely day

Emma x



Brand styling colour palette.



I've been working on some branding this week for my decorative living store Purple Peasant.
I bought a copy of  'How to style your brand' by +Fiona Humberstone  aka The Brand Stylist, and I just haven't been able to put it down!

This week I'm playing with colour, and for me, the best way to do this is from my garden!


I just love the muted colours of faded blue hydrangeas tinged with lilac, and the silvery hues of lavender and purple sage.
These natural colours look beautiful against the white parchment, and are very fitting with the 
Purple Pheasants identity.


      The new website launched earlier this week and I'm a little bit in love with it, OK a lot in love with it! It's incredibly simple which makes it also quite strong. At the moment just my Emma Connoly (yes me) fabrics are live on there, but I will soon be adding my handmade gifts for the home, jewellery and candles. 


 If you are starting out, or just want a brand make-over, I can really recommend Fiona's book! It's packed with inspirational images and great advice.

              Emma x



Branding & Expanding.

Branding & Expanding!


Wow it has been one manic year, and it's not over yet!
I've been slowly embarking on my career change over the past two years.
I started with studying interior design at The National Design Academy. Then went on to paint and print my very own small fabric collection, which I'm so proud of! And I was even more chuffed when +Country Living magazine said my fabrics were good enough to have on their general store!

Now I have to say I got a bit dizzy, and when demands came in from people wanting to use my brand and started asking when the new collection would be out, and could I design some like this and that... I completely lost my mojo for the whole thing.
Fret not, I am going somewhere with this!

I paint from the heart, my paintings happen when they happen, and I never know what my brush is going to create.

I've taken a few months off for reflection on my work, and have baked a lot of cake lol,
and here's where I'm at... I'm keeping my brand personal and close to my heart.
I'm not painting to order to churn out mass produced fabrics.
My collection is unique and intimate, and when it grows, it will be slowly and organically.
It is only available through my stores and Country Living.

My next big decision was to finally pick a name for my company.
My fabrics fall under my name of Emma Connolly, but I really wanted a brand name in which to hold everything I do under, and eventually I'd like to open a shop near my village.

And my company name is...... (drum roll)..... 'Purple Pheasant'.
I love that it is country and quirky, plus unique!

I'm expanding my online store to now sell handmade soft furnishings from other textile designers that I admire, and I'm really excited about this!
I'm also working on putting together some workshops next year which I will host at my home 'The Haven' (if I'm still shopless), I'm going to be holding lampshade making, chalk painted furniture classes. And, how to make your drawings into a seamless pattern repeat using my favourite software program that is free to download, so you can then get your fabric digitally printed!

Phew, never a dull moment.

I wish you all well my dear friends, and continue to thank you all for your encouragement.

Emma x

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