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Finally.... Peace. Heaps of torn wrapping paper and a fridge full of leftovers sums up our Boxing Day, as I'm sure it does yours.

We've just finished round 3 of Christmas, and have now seen everyone.
Now, for my favourite bit!...
To hibernate! My most treasured time is the peace after the storm, the children consumed with their new toys, my hubby catching up with the classics on TV, and I get to settle down with a nice glass of wine and my new Christmas books, bliss!

I'm a total planner, and revel in this peaceful time to think of what I'd like to do in the new year. I never make resolutions, I prefer to make lists of nice things to do and achieve.
I asked Mr C this morning what he'd like to do next year- 'Be more creative' he said.
Many of us are just so busy working and bringing up families, it's hard to fit in time to do the stuff you've been wanting to try.
This is why I write a new yr list with things on it like- at least one picnic a month from May to September, taking a course/learning something new for fun! Visiting this restaurant.... You get my point.
It's a much nicer, and frankly more positive way to start the new year! Why don't you give it a go?!

So far, my list looks like this....

Enjoy the garden even more and relax whilst gently pottering.
Make myself and my girls some skirts and dresses.
Perfect my craft of silver clay.
Screen print by hand more.
Bake a cake at least once a month.

Sounds great, can't wait to get started!

Enjoy the rest of the festivities everyone

Emma x



  1. -clapping hands- I want to make myself some skirts! So I love one of your list items.

    Gentle hugs,
    (On Instagram)

    1. How lovely! I love making skirts but very rarely find time. I want to thank you for mentioning about the lack of comments on my blog, turns out I had my settings to not show them, have only just found your Iovely comments, so thank you!
      Emma x


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