New blog name!

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well and feeling festive.

I'm a little excited not to mention nervous as I say farewell to my old blog name 'The Vintage Good Life' and settle into my new name 'The Lovely Blog'.

It's a bold move I know and one I've been contemplating for about a year now but, I feel like it's finally time! VGL will still be searchable and will bring you here, and I think it may take a while to change over other social media which will fall under this name or my own.

I wanted to drop the word 'vintage'  but, sadly was not allowed 'The good life' lol can't imagine why...


I've made this change as although I adore vintage homes and furniture, I wanted to blog about more topics, did you know I used to be a hair and beauty lecturer?... Oodles of hacks there I can tell you!
And as my children are growing up and getting into fashion I want to share my blog with them too.
I did also think (and for about 2 days did) about having two blogs, but then decided that was way too much hard work and kinda silly.

So I hope you love the fresh new approach and enjoy the extra content, I'm really looking forward to blogging about just anything lovely!

Wish me luck

Emma x

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