The blossom tree picture I've chosen for this post signifies two things for me, one, it reminds me of that beautiful spring day I spent with Mr C earlier this year, we sat and had tea and cake by it, and watched as a little girl spun and danced under it's falling petals, I love the memories a picture can jolt back!
And two, it signifies change. This tree will have changed everyday of the year, just like we all do.
It will be laying still now, but if you look closely, new buds will appear as it will be getting ready to spring into yet another display of beauty.

I love to reflect. It keeps me grounded, and makes me appreciate the really small stuff. But also it's good to know where I've been and what direction I'm going. 
I like to take stock of a few things I've done each year that I'm really proud about, and this always helps me set goals for the coming year, why don't you try it too!

The first ones that get me every year is how proud I am of my two daughters, like the tree they blossom more each day, forever growing, forever changing and forever eating lol, seriously I think they have hollow legs.
I feel lucky to have eventually met my Mr C, and to call him my hubby! Love is never an easy ride, but keeping an open mind and never closing doors helps!

And last but by no means least, the changes and achievements in my career.
This year saw me launch my first fabric collection (something this time last year I was struggling to see how I could ever do). Then I was even more made up to have it stocked on Country Livings General Store

I also was chuffed to bits to be asked to do a couple of blog posts for +Laura Ashley 

And I completed a couple of courses in willow wreath work and silver clay jewellery, both of which I'm going to be designing and adding to my brand next year, which then brings me to the planning bit...

Next year I would like too..... add a jewellery line and increase the amount of vintage homeware in my store.
Exhibit at a show.
Slowly and organically keep building my brand.
Picnic in a wild flower meadow.
Finish my house.

But for now, it's nearly christmas and I've chocolates to make!

Have a great day everyone!

Emma x 


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