Vintage Choos and white anemones

Party shoe time!

Hello everyone!

Hope you are well and enjoying the build up to christmas!

My party girl days have been on pause for quite a while since having children, but now they are getting older my choos are back in sight!

My daughters love looking through my shoe and jewellery collection, and I love sharing these pretty things with them knowing that one day soon they will be borrowing them, (oh wait, maybe not these ones, lol).

Anyway I'm so excited as my sister-in-law is getting married in-between christmas and new year, I just love a winter wedding! I'm trying to find the perfect dress now and have managed to organise a day off next week to finish my shopping, and hopefully find something glam and gorgeous!

I do have a shoe problem, thanks for letting me share that with you all.

Have a fabulous week!

Emma x


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