5 Tips to a healthy blogging life





Writing a blog and keeping an instagram/twitter account can be both stressful and time consuming.
You're told to blog regularly, post daily blah-de-blah-de-blah if you want your blog/posts to hit any kind of success.
Well, I'm here to tell you to ignore the rules, as soon as you let go everything will just flow!
Most people starting out will be like- 'Oh I'm gonna start a blog and get loads of followers', then feel instantly deflated when this doesn't happen right away.
Building an audience through any social media takes time. Blogging three times a day will not get you more followers... you will simply burn out.

Here are some of my key tips to stay healthy and produce a great blog with content your proud of.

1: Aim to post just once or twice a week, as long as your content is good this is all a blog needs to gain an honest audience and grow organically.
Blogging anymore will just put you under pressure and your content will suffer, your readers would much rather look forward to your amazing post at the end of the week, then get bombarded with any old stuff on a daily basis.

2: Chill out and find some blogs to read. I have my own favourites that I have listed on my blog, they are all quite different and I enjoy them immensely, I find them inspiring therefor I am inspired.
Also, having the support of fellow bloggers is a lovely thing, they can encourage  and guide you, and be there when you just need a chat off the bloggasphere, so go and find some buddies, but remember, you are unique! You do not have to be like anyone else, which brings me to number three...

3: Don't compare.... I mean it, this is a real stumbling block. Sure be inspired by others, thats great! But remember you are you, and your readers want you, your voice, your images.
Comparing yourself to Ms Jones will only torment. Try and develop your own style... leading on to four...

4: If your passionate about something people will visit! If Ms Jones adores cats, and posts lots of cat stuff, and has a gazillion followers.... And you don't even like cats remember rule 3! Copying Ms Jones will not get you those readers.

If you are not digging you own content no one will read it.

Find your passion, think about what you love, is it photography? Then fill your blog with your images, people will find you, and they will like you because that is your true style!
If cooking is more your thing, write recipes, you get my point, stay true to your content and you will organically build a steady following.

5:Acceptance- Sometimes it just doesn't happen... It's been a manic week, I lost my mojo, I was sick.
Hey we are only human, nobody wants you to get ill, people understand you have a life that isn't just your blog. Sometimes we're way to hard on ourselves, thinking 'I've got to post... It's got to be great... I need content'. Relax, find a happy place, for me this means going techno free, I literally have to lock away iPhone, iPad, laptop... everything... I'm a nightmare. Sometimes I do this for one day, sometimes it's a week, during that time I'll meet friends for coffee and try and get out, hit the shops, walk over the fields, read a great book, anything to restore the mind.
You need a calm mind to write a good blog, accept that sometimes things get a bit fuzzy and take a break.


And if all else fails... drink tea!

Emma x



  1. A great read, and very true in many ways! I agree that it is better to post less often but with content you're happy with, and taking a tech break is one of my favourite ways to recharge too.

    1. Ah, thanks Julia, tech free is always a great way to recharge, I swear by it, that and tea.

  2. Morning lovely! A fab post, I'm trying to relax a bit rather than worrying about posting enough-it's just not worth it. Have a fab day xx

    1. Hello lovely!
      So true! I see mine as more of an online journal, keeps it light.
      Hope you are having a fab wend!

  3. Fab post, I agree with everything! I post once a week as that is all I can manage but will write more if I have interesting things to blog about. There are a lot of supportive Twitter chats that are a great network, I co-host #CraftBlogClub and the friendly bunch have been a great inspiration and support. I must try the tech free zone, I rely on it too much! Have a fab weekend x

    1. Ah, hello Fiona, how are you?
      I love #craftblogclub haven't visited it in ages. Yes, I think so long as you are posting stuff you love and find interesting then it will never be a chore. Tech free is a great way to unwind though, give it a go.
      Have a lovely wkend xx


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