Fireplace mini makeover.


Just a quick share of my freshly painted fire surround and vintage mirror.
This fire surround has been so many colours, I love how a quick coat of paint and POW- instant room change.
I also found this old mirror on our landing (I really don't know what I have in my house), and gave it a quick coat of F & B mizzle, my new favourite colour for spring.
A few candles and voila... Bright and cheery, and perfect for a cosy night in. X


  1. Oh it's lovely.... And the F & B mizzle paint looks delicious. To me, it looks like a sort of gray/green and very, very soft. So hard to find...

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my new blog! Thank you.

    I will look into one of those "to follow" buttons. Could put it on my "on the bottom" side bar. :-)

    For following, I make a private page, where the blogs are listed, and where I can click on them. But each blogger is different.

    Gentle hugs.....

    1. Oh that is such a clever idea! Lovely way of sharing blogs too! X


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