Yes a homemaker really is a job and yes it's ok to be one, and yes it's flipping amazing!

So It's been two years since I gave up running my little salon, it was a tough decision to make as I'd run my own business for ten years, and before that, I was a college lecturer.

Having done everything in kinda the wrong order, having kids first, then finding a husband, and basically living up to super-woman was great and I loved every minute, but it's not healthy to keep going at that pace for the long term.

I did find it a bit awkward at first when people asked me what I did for a living, it was met with 'oh, couldn't you just of got a cleaner?' 
'So you're a housewife then?' Accompanied by a look of puzzlement.

For one, I can't stand the term housewife. A housewife is very 40s, 50s & 60s.
And I do not just exist to please my husband.

I'm many things, an interior designer (yes, I went back to college in my new found time), a crafter,  painter, and a photographer, but above all I'm a homemaker!

I love having the home warm, welcoming and beautiful for when the children come home from school.
It's great enjoying the simple things like hanging laundry out to dry. 
I get so much joy out of creating things for my family, I'm always decorating and I just love having the time to look after all of our animals.
There is never a dull or quiet moment and I'm never bored. Quite simply, I don't know how I ever found the time to do anything else.

Whilst the kids are growing up it seems to fit all of our lifestyles, and when they fly the nest, well Mr C and I have decided we'll move to Suffolk and run a beautiful B and B, which will suit us both as I can carry on making everything homely and he can cook a mean breakfast! 

Now when someone asks me what I do, I'm proud to tell them 'I'm a homemaker'!

Emma X 



  1. I would love to be a full time home maker, I completely agree I don't think I would ever get bored, how could you. I dream of the day that I can say this when people ask me what I do. You go girl, that's all I can say x x x

    1. Ah thanks Gem, hopefully one day it will be you too! Xx

  2. Perfect description!!!

    Gentle hugs,


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