Natural cleaning


Having a puppy around is like having a baby/toddler to consider again.
I just love Purdey to bits but she is messy, whilst cleaning up after her I suddenly became aware of the chemicals I was using and worried they may poison her, so with immediate effect I've been frantically reading up on natural home cleaning.
I made a room spray the other day from ingredients I had around the house which was greeted by seriously impressed tones from my teenage daughter, (if it passes the teenage test you know your onto a winner).
And I'm looking into other ingredients for natural cleaning that fit our lifestyle.
 I spend a lot of time washing our floors in bleach but am starting to wonder if a simple soap would be safer.
The trouble with a lot of natural cleaning products out there is, as lovely as they sound, they don't quite fill the gap I'm looking for. So I'm on a bit of a mission!
I'll let you know how I get on.

Emma x

P.s if any of you have any handy tips on natural cleaning I'd love to hear them!


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