Because it's raining


Just of late I've been finding myself turning away from my smudged lose florals to paint simple yet contrasting landscapes. Painting completely off the top of my head (although I've walked over many a beautiful English landscape in my time), these watercolours come free and easy.
It's made me want to explore a different style and push myself out of my comfort zone, and the practice is always good!
I'd love to hone into this style suitabaly enough to exhibit by the end of the year, so I think that's my goal to work towards this 2016.
I've painted in watercolours since my teens, and my grandfather used to take me out with him to stately homes to sketch and paint the gardens. I remember being shy when people came to have a look at our work, and I'd lean over mine as much as possible so no one could see lol.
I realise now how important it is to share a craft or skill with the world, and to inspire and be inspired.

I hope the beginning of the week is treating you kindly, mine are back to school tomorrow so I'm looking forward to getting together with my mum for a quiet catch-up over tea and cake.

Emma x

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  1. This takes my breath away.....

    I had to tear myself away, from simply contemplating that sky.....

    Happy sigh....



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