Cutting garden for wedding flowers.

It's been an extremely busy time here in our cottage garden as my little sister is organising her wedding breakfast this August (yes they already ran off and got married). I may have missed the ceremony but she's making up for it by throwing a classic country styled day, and I am in charge of the flowers- YAY!

We're both collecting jam jars and luckily for her I have a heap of pretty props to use, but I've mainly been concentrating on planting blooms that are great for cutting and will be in full show at the end of August.

Now I always grow dahlias but this year I've added even more to my collection, I like to start them off in pots in the greenhouse first then I plant them out once they have established and all fear of frosts have passed. I'm really excited to have introduced cafe au lait to the collection! It has gorgeous cream blooms the size of diner plates!

My other favourites for this time of year are sweet-peas which just keep coming the more you cut them, I actually sell these at the garden gate, they are one of my favourite summer flowers.
And I also love cosmos! They are just prolific and keep on giving plus they make an excellent cut flower.

I shall try and keep my beloved rose collection going but can never really tell at the end of August what state they will be in, really depends on how hot the summer is, but I'm sure we'll have some! The one rose that never fails and keeps blooming through to December in our garden is the white rose 'Iceberg'. I've always grown this variety no matter where I've lived and it's always impressed me by its constant blooms, even when all the leaves have fallen it's still full of white roses.

Everything is now planted and the greenhouse is full! I'll keep you all updated with how its all coming along!

Oh I do love a wedding!

Emma x


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