Vintage tin planter.

Hello everyone,

I have a little obsession with vintage planters! Mr VGL rolled his eyes at me this morning when I purchased yet another tin bath- "But this one is perfect for that space" I cried... there was no space, I just had to have it!

Then there was another trip to the garden centre to buy some gorgeous geraniums.
I love geraniums!
The fact that if I do forget to water them, or I'm on my hols, they seem to not mind having a dry spell.

They look so pretty on our new farmhouse table, although they are now safely tucked up in the greenhouse ready to be hardened off.

I'm still not sure where I will place them, but the planter is so neat I guess I'll move them around a lot.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

I've been experimenting in the kitchen again today and have a beautiful recipe going on the blog tomorrow so be sure to pop in for that.

Emma x


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