A Natural Christmas Home


Hello everyone,
It's my first day off to enjoy the Christmas holidays and I'm so excited!
We've all been getting over the dreadful winter cold and are starting to feel very festive at last.

I just wanted to share a few snaps of my natural home with you all.

Every year I go foraging over the woods for pretty pieces of holly and ivy, twigs covered in lichen and catkins.
I love decorating our home with natural foliage, it's simple, subtle and free.
Plus it keeps me in tune with what the seasons are doing.
These little paper whites were an experiment for our home-grown business A Bunch Of Wild.
The scent is so beautiful and the flowers make me so happy!
I shall probably go off foraging again today, I'd still like some more ivy.
Then it's off to do the Christmas rounds loaded with gifts and hopefully I'll get to enjoy some mince pies and mulled cider if I'm lucky.

Have a good day everyone!

Emma x

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