Reflection and planning


It's always just before New Year's Eve when I like to look back and take stock of everything that has happened in the year.

This one has been particularly busy as the wheels were set in motion for our new venture which saw me go back to further education to retrain as a florist.

We also decided to sell The Haven,
It went within days, but we've been unable to find anything else yet that we love as much.
So we're thinking of keeping hold of the old pile of bricks and doing further work on it.

This year we also welcomed a new addition to our family- Purdey our little beagle is now one and keeping all of us busy and out of socks.

Next year there is even more to do and look forward to.
We're officially launching our business A Bunch Of Wild.
We're on the hunt for even more land to expand, and I will be going back to college again, this time to do horticulture.

I just love planning stuff!

I'm hoping soon we can let our poor chickens out as they've had to remain in a coop until all potential bird flu has passed.

I've also told everyone this year that next Christmas we're going completely hand-made on the gift front.
I'm going to start thinking of ideas pretty soon so will also be sharing my makes and doing a few tutorials too!

I'd love to wish you all a happy new year!
And thank you for following our adventures.
See you in the new year!

Emma & Richard

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