Vintage pastel Christmas styling

Hello lovelies,

I've spent this week decorating the living room for Christmas.
This has mostly happened when my hubby has been at work, whilst he's been out I've been sneaking in more pink, I think he finally noticed today what was happening with the arrival of these pretty pink roses.

It's been ages since I bought any blooms, and I'm mostly set against imported ones, but I just couldn't resist these as they lay crumpled but lovely in the sale bin.
I love displaying blooms in tiny little bud vases and vintage tea cups.


We also picked a tiny little tree this year as I fell in love with its cuteness.
For the first time ever I let my daughters decorate it on their own without my constant interfering and do you know what?
I haven't even touched it!
Usually I sneak about rearranging it, but my mini stylists in the making have got it bang on!


I've just got the dining room end to finish now but I think I'll keep that a bit more grown up.

Hope you're all enjoying the Christmas build up.


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