Spring planted vintage urn.

Wishing you all a Happy Sunday!

Here's a pic of my vintage urn that I've planted up with mini daffs and hyacinths.

The urn was originally black and I'd kept it like that for a few years before deciding I'd had enough of the dark and wanted something light.
I'm really pleased with the results.

It's starting to flower now so I'll start sharing some more snaps of it this week.

I hope January is being kind to you.

Emma x


Winter violas

Hello everyone,
How pretty are these violas?
My mother-in-law bought me a huge tray of them back in October and they just keep giving!

I'm so relieved for the beautiful pops of colour they give to my garden.


And they are the cutest flowers to style with.
Plus they make excellent pressed flowers too!

Emma x 


Faffing with flowers

Hello everyone,
Gosh it's been so dark hasn't it, I suppose it is January so I can't really complain.
I've got so much growing in the garden but nothing in bloom yet so I caved and bought myself some beautiful lilac stocks, they smell divine.
When I opened the wrapping a few flowers fell off so I decided to have a little faff with flowers.

I had these screens left from a Laura Ashley blog post I styled a couple of years back, I'd completely forgotten about them, I've now pulled them out of storage so they will be making their way back in my home somewhere.
My lovely little porcelain tea cup was a gift from my hubby, I love mint green and it sits so pretty with lilac.

Hope you have a good week
Emma x


Laura Ashley tester pot make-over

So two very different looks, same brass lamp base.

I'd previously painted this lamp a pale grey shown below and given it a pretty shade I'd made a while back.
But, after taking my Christmas decs down earlier this week the room looked so drab, really the whole room could do with a good paint, but I thought I'd start by adding pops of colour.
I've decided to do a new blogging category on tester pot make-overs,
simple projects to uplift your home.

So I went for a  +Laura Ashley  paint called pink grapefruit.
It's so fresh and vibrant and a perfect shot of pink.
I used matt emulsion for a lovely flat look.
I'm thinking of painting my walls pure white so will be painting a few select pieces in bright candy shades.

Emma x



Vintage tin planters

Hello lovelies.
Happy New Year!
I hope you have had a wonderful new years eve and are now enjoying a bit of a rest.
I just wanted to share a couple of pics of my little succulents that I've planted up in vintage tins.
I love them, they are like tiny fairy plants.

If you would like to grow succulents or need a little helping hand
then you may like to read my blog post over at A Bunch Of Wild
Where I share my tips on getting the best from them.

Emma x

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