Making time for the little things

It's all so easy to get swept up with work especially if you run your own business, I know I hardly ever switch off, I'm always thinking about my business, what direction should I take it, what do I need to do next and how much social media shall I do.
It's very rare to switch off.

But today I finally managed it, I know what you're thinking... Well you're blogging now!
I know and I'm enjoying it, that's quite a biggy, when you create content for a business especially a creative one it can start to burn you out a bit,
But today I did some simple stuff and really feel so much better already.

I took Purdey our beagle for a beautiful long walk in the woods to see the last of the bluebells, I also made lots of tea, sat under the wisteria and pottered all day in the garden.
Even my eldest daughter got involved by doing her window boxes.

And I enjoyed snapping a few pics on my phone and slapping some super pastel bright filters on them for my personal Instagram.
I love having a separate Instagram account to my business, it fires my creative side by not limiting what photos to take or worrying about a cohesive look.

Right I'm off to check on my plant babies and read a mag.

Enjoy the rest of your day x

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