5 ways to kick start creativity.

Creative block happens to all of us. You know you've got it when you're feeling burnt out and spend days upon days procrastinating. Well I have five simple ways to kick start your creative mojo and I want to share them with you!

  1. Relax! It may seem obvious or you may be wondering what it is you've got to relax about, especially when creativity is your job. But switching off for a couple of hours works wonders. If you struggle with the sheer thought of relaxing and aren't even sure how to, then may I suggest putting your phone and laptop in another room to you. Make yourself a cup of something lovely and find a comfy spot. Watch a bit of mindless tv. The trick is to stop your mind trying to think creatively and to give it a rest.

2. Scrap booking. Yes, Pinterest too. Creating a mood board full of inspirational images and things that simply sing to you will soothe the mind and is good for the soul. It relaxes, distracts and then gives us focus. Whilst it's ok to use Pinterest there's nothing quite like a stash of magazines and a pritt-stick is there.

3. Reading and a cuppa. Reading a really good book helps to unwind and unwinding is key to spur on our creative energy.

 4. Creating a still life for no reason. I love this one! Creating a still life in the home or outside with anything you can lay your hands on is a great way to connect with your creativity. It's like scrap booking only with toys! Remember when you were a kid and you got into that really cool game that just kept evolving, well creating a vignette or little flat lay works the brain in the same way. The power of touch and placing things in a pleasing order will not only inspire creativity but will lift our mood.

5. Get out the house and allow yourself some procrastination time. Yes you may be thinking we're trying to stop our minds racing, but actually I'm talking about controlling it.
Get out for a walk or some exercise and allow your mind to wander, see where it takes you, you may just find that it sorts everything out and by the time you get home your head will be clear and you'll know exactly what it is you need to do. I try and walk the dog for at least an hour a day and this is my thinking time where I get to sort out my brain, life, the world, I always feel so much better and ready to function after a good walk.

So there we have it, my top five ways to kick start creativity. You see by allowing ourselves to unwind and switch off, then giving ourselves permission to think whilst doing something active really helps us re-connect to our creative side. Give it a go, I'd love to hear how you get on.

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