Industrial kitchen makeover

Industrial kitchen styling.

Industrial shelving

A change of vintage style influenced my kitchen makeover.
Its fair to say my old kitchen was rather dull and in need of a serious design makeover.
I wanted to do something really different that pushed me out of my comfort zone. I'd studied interior design a few years back and knew what I needed to do to make my new love of moody hues work. Good lighting and textures play a key role in my new design. 

My old dated kitchen.

I painted the whole room including the ceiling in +Farrow & Ball railings. It was a bold move and I didn't bother doing a tester. My kitchen is always a dark room and the light is always on, you may wonder why I didn't paint it white? Well, it wasn't far off white and I figured if I have to have the light on all the time anyway, then it really isn't going to make that much difference.

There are five hanging industrial type bulbs that can be moved around plus we are putting in some wall lights too.

I decided to keep my cupboards white to reflect the light. 

Gone is the chintzy china and pretty tea towels as my taste in vintage has taken a shift in style.
I am loving hand thrown pottery and anything with real texture. The industrial shelving was made from reclaimed factory roof paneling and a blacksmith forged the brackets.

Texture is continued with nature, I wanted a very organic feel. I am loving having everything in easy reach and it has made me really organised, which for someone that lives in a constant creative mess is kind of a blessing.

I've kept my old scales on display along with my favourite mason coffee cups and handmade jug that belonged to my nan.

The last remaining floral plate in the kitchen. I love this one so it's a keeper!

I bought these delicate fairy lights in the January sale and they are the perfect length. Fairy lights aren't just for Christmas.

My latest plant life. I have been adding a few plants to my home this winter to keep my mood up and give me something nice to look after and tend to once a week. I miss my garden and growing all my flowers in the winter so I find having pot plants keep me in touch with nature.

Well, what do you think? Has your vintage style shifted too?



  1. Anonymous1/16/2018

    Beautiful Emma, love every detail♡ xxx

    1. Thank you dear Vanessa, I'm so pleased with it! Glad you like it. Xxx


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