Switch off Sundays.

Mindfulness, a word that is everywhere right now and one I've been embracing of late. Reprogramming your brain to relax and be calm can be a hard thing to do when your business requires you to blog, use Instagram and Pinterest on a daily basis. Which is why I've started what I call 'switch off Sunday'.
As a child my Sundays involved the Sunday lunch and a trip out somewhere nice, maybe a picnic in the summer months, or a great film on a Sunday evening. The shops were closed (yes I'm nearly 40) and mobile phones were mostly car phones for the rich. Sundays were slow in a good way and were to be enjoyed and made the most of before returning to school/work on a Monday. I miss those days!

To make time for the lovely relaxing Sundays I used to enjoy, I've decided to do switch off Sunday. This means that apart from watching a film, technology is banned. To make it even less tempting I go one step further and delete my Instagram and Pinterest apps from my phone. That may sound odd if I'm not using my phone anyway, but just knowing those apps are there at a touch is far too tempting. Out of sight really is out of mind.
With these deleted my mind instantly frees up and I start to think of ways to spend the day, like baking, gardening or simply enjoying my home. If it's nice out we'll take a trip to a national trust garden and walk the dog. If it's chucking it down, which very much seems to be our British winters, then I make the home cosy, read and we all help out with the Sunday dinner. Come Sunday night we're relaxed and ready for Monday. I don't even look at my phone till Monday morning when I reinstall my apps and carry on working.

If you need some down time in your life I can really recommend switch off Sunday! Let me know how you get on.

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