Conservatory make-over inspo


I have an old lean to conservatory on the back of my house, we were going to pull it down and start again but I suddenly felt that was a rather reckless decision and stopped. It may of fallen out of fashion for the moment but there is something I find charming about the old wooden structure. So I've finally got it cleared, it's always been a bit of a dumping ground, now I'm just looking for some inspiration on how to style and decorate it. You can see my full Pinterest board with all of the images I'm loving. But these are just a few (shown above) that I am particularly drawn to.
I've decided to turn it into a multifunctional room, serving purpose as my office, extra greenhouse space and as it's gorgeous and light, a place in which to style and photograph my things for my store.
Ive got an old table which I'm going to sand back when the weather starts to get nice and I'm going to pot up lots of geraniums and hanging plants. I'm rather excited with my new plan. I'll let you know when I make a start.

Emma x


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