Designing jewellery

Designing and making jewellery.

So a few years back I went on a jewellery making course which I loved! After I finished the course you can imagine what came next, yes, stuff kept cropping up and I didn't make a single piece, that is until now. With the garden and flower plot being a soggy mess and the house as clean as it will ever be with a messy family, dog and the odd chicken roaming inside, I started to seek out things I could create from my garden room. I had a flash back to my jewellery course so decided to start there, I'm hooked!

Green amethyst and sterling silver earrings.

I love a bit of sparkle and sad to admit my collecting habit started very young when I used to collect semi precious stones, it's like I've just stumbled across my childhood again, only this time I can actually make something from them!
I wanted my pieces to be stylish and wearable with a slight twist on the classics, using high quality stones and not glass, high end costume jewellery I suppose.

As I can't seem to stop making things,  I'm going to be selling my pieces (if I can part with them) on my store.

This little twist bracelet is for my friend, it's her birthday this weekend and I wanted to make her something special.

Gold twist and aquamarine bangle.

Have you got a long lost hobby or any forgotten projects? Maybe you can share them with me and we can encourage each other to keep going.

Emma x


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