My top three things that are inspiring me right now.

So every now and then my creative mojo decides to take some time out, it can be quite rude as it never tells me when or where it's going, it just waltzes off without a second thought about what I'm going to do without it. Well mojo, I have news for you, it seems I too can do with a break from you! If you're a creative person then you will probably understand where I'm coming from. It can be really frustrating when creative block hits, but I've discovered a few things that have been a welcome distraction and source of inspiration so I thought I'd share them with you. Ok so the first one is something I do all the time and that is reading, at the minute I'm completely involved with 'The seven sisters' by Lucinda Riley, I'm on book three, I love getting involved in any book series that involves at least two time lines and strong creative women. The second is my latest podcast find http://creativewomeninternational.com/ amazing! I am finding this blog/podcast the absolute food for my soul and can heartily recommend it for anyone thinking of starting (or already running) a creative business.
And lastly, I'm a little addicted the app Word swag! Ok so you have to pay for it but, oh my goodness it's soooo worth it! See pic above. I love all the beautiful fonts that you can add to your photos and it is so easy to use! Perfect for tinkering about with whilst your mojo is contemplating coming back to you. So there we have it, my three must haves right now. I'd love to know what keeps you going when your mojo get up and goes!

Emma x

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