Autumnal styling

It's been a while since I shared a post on styling so I thought I'd show you some pictures of an autumnal shoot I did a couple of weeks back.
I went for a more is more look and shot both on my fuji and my iPhone 6s.

The keys to a successful styled shoot is perfect lighting, textural backdrop and props that tell the story. Here I used my old coffee table and layered it with a zinc tray, these were my base elements. Then I added in a candle for warmth and my seasonal props that are the star of the show. I pulled the story of autumn together by adding an old book and a cup of coffee which takes it from being just a flatlay to a story with soul.

My natural elements are also different textures and tones, you have the smooth silky looking conkers with the plump pumpkins sitting nicely with the dried ferns and flowers, my handmade ceramics add yet another texture and level of interest.

Sometimes less is more, sometimes it isn't, just go with how you're feeling that day.

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