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Hello dear friends, I thought I would share with you today some little pottery projects I'm working on. I've been hand building little pots and mugs by slabbing and pinching and I am really enjoying the slow process. I picked up my new kiln last week so I'm just waiting for some pieces to fully dry before I fire her up for the first time. She is a very old sitter kiln, this means she fires using cones as a temperature gauge, when the cone melts the kiln cuts off and you know it has reached the desired temperature, you get different cones for different temperatures. She is very no frills and I think it's probably going to take me a while to understand her ways fully so I'm guessing there will be some cracked pots, oh well.

It's rather tricky making sure the pieces don't dry too quickly as cracks appear and this week has been a real trial and error as I move my wares around the house and test out different temperatures of the rooms. I'm currently in the middle of giving my studio an overhaul so it's utter chaos everywhere.

I'll post again when everything is fired and glazed so you can see how it's turned out. In the mean time you can follow my pottery antics (and painting & photography) on my Instagram.

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