Botanical ceramics

As I continue exploring clay and my new passion for pottery I find it interesting that what inspires my ceramics is exactly the same as what inspires my paintings, I don't know why I thought it would be different. The seasons and botanical elements still really influence what comes out in the process. Im still very much in the developing and exploring stage of ceramics but I know that it has already become a part of me and is something I will do till the day I die. Do you ever get a calling like that in the medium that you create in? 
So here are a few snaps of what's been coming out of my studio over the past weeks. I've just started experimenting with a new clay body and I'm waiting for some pieces to dry before I can bisque fire them, all I can say is I love it and can't wait to share the finished pieces with you.
I love how the art of ceramics demands a slowness from the artist, it's a bit like painting in oils, the process can't be rushed and I crave that way of working, slow and considered.


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