Friday, 11 December 2020

Merry And Bright.

 Winter White Ceramic Collection.

And styling with fairy lights.

Hello my dear friends, How are you?

I have just released the first part of my winter collection to my subscribers and I am so pleased that it has gone down well! Just two pieces left after 15hrs of going live, incredible! Thank you all so much.

Anyway, I just thought I would share the images of my product shoot with you. I know I always love to see other peoples set up. As we’re in December I thought an extra dash of fairy lights.

In the winter I always move my styling into the living room by the big sash windows. It gets the early light which at this time of year is the warmest. If I leave it to late then the only available light is in the conservatory at the back of the house and it’s usually to cool to take nice photos.
I like using the simplicity of the whitewashed pine table and stringing up some fairy lights on my stairs in the background makes the whole set up a little piece of magic.

When it comes to product photography I pull out the professional camera, I use the Olympus Pen F with a 45 prime lens. It gives a softness to my images with my ceramics taking centre stage. I use a camera phone for studio shots but I think when taking photos of handmade products it’s always best to go pro.

This month I’ve been keeping my ceramics pure white with touches of gold. I have actually become quite addicted to the gold, we all need a bit of sparkle right now don’t we. 

Merry Christmas xxx


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